Burgess HallGallena University is a private university founded in 1897. The 300-acre campus is located in a diverse and culturally rich region of northern California. Originally, the university was a private institution founded by the local mining community for those who were unable to travel to San Francisco colleges. The largest participating mining company, Gallena Mining LLC, gave way to a private board of trustees in 1903 and has been a private university ever since.

The original campus consisted of 75 acres. By 1960, the campus had spread to about 260 acres of land. When George Chapman College for Teachers merged with GU in 1979, about 39 acres were added.

Today, the university enrolls 4,500 students in 36 undergraduate and 9 graduate programs with approximately 350 full-time faculty and staff. The student body represents all 50 states and many foreign countries. Our University community is committed to creating an invigorating atmosphere where students tailor their education to meet their goals. With each graduating class, GU continues to prove what its founders so ardently believed: that public higher education pays untold dividends in the well-being of individuals, their families and their communities.

Fast Facts

Number of:
Undergraduates 4,345
Graduates 155
Living alumni 127,000
Male students 48.7%
Female students 52.3%